I’ve got some splainin’ ta do

For my first post, I just want to explain the domain name of this blog and what it’s about.

The domain name is “atheistsnightmare”. This could be read as either “Atheist’s Nightmare” or “A Theist’s Nightmare”.  It works either way.

Or I guess you could also read it as “Athe is thsni ghtm are” or “a the is tsnigt mar e” or something like that but well…those don’t make much sense.

If you choose to read it as “Atheist’s Nightmare”, this is derived from that infamous Word of the Master video featuring Ray Comfort explaining why the domesticated banana is an atheist’s worst nightmare, due to it’s incredible design. Let’s watch, shall we?

What Comfort fails to realize is that the banana he is holding is not designed by any god.  In fact, it’s the result of  thousands of years of cultivation and domestication and breeding by HUMANS.


. Whups!

And I find this video to be so incredibly funny (in a sad sort of way) that I named my blog after it.  Thanks Ray!

If you choose to read the domain name as “A Theist’s Nightmare”, that works too. The primary purpose of this blog is to explain why I rejected Christianity, faith and belief in the supernatural after 20 years of strong devotion to it.  I’ll also be posting arguments against religion, with most focus being on Christianity simply because it’s the religion I’m most familiar with after belonging to it for so long.

I used to post these sort of things using the “Notes” application on Facebook but I figured that putting them all here in one concise spot made a lot more sense.  And hopefully, I will get more readers this way.

So there you go. My first post. Whee!



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