Every now and then I visit the blog of Brian Zahnd, who is the pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. My brother interned at this church for two years and was quite fond of it. I only visited a few times and remember enjoying it, but not getting much out of it other than an emotional high.

After reading the incoherent babblings of this gentlemen, I can now see why my brother came back from this internship thouroughly confused and fucked up.

Check out this latest humdinger entitled “Credo”  (ooh, how artsy!)

This is one excerpt, but I encourage you to read the full context:


“The Church has its apologists (from Augustine to Zacharias) so that not every individual believer has to be an apologist.

If you believe in the Church you don’t have to fight all your own battles. The Church will fight many battles for you. And that’s a relief.

But if you are a believer without the Church or apart from the Church, you have to defend the faith on your own. And not many are capable of that.

It’s nice to have an Augustine or an Aquinas in your corner. Let the skeptics mess with those cats.

But the Enlightenment influenced individual by himself as a lone(ly) believer has a huge responsibility, that quite honestly, he is probably not capable of.”

Ok uh….is it just me, or is he actually encouraging Christians to just take the apologists at their word and not look further into the answers for themselves? Is it just me or is he actually encouraging Christians to just sit back and be comfortable with the fact that their *feelings* say they are correct and to hell with the facts? Is he actually excusing Christians from actually looking into WHY they believe as they do, because it just might be too hard?

Those  pesky facts…always getting in the way and confusing us, right?

I’m really a little outraged over this. But this is also the same mind-numbingly  intellectually vacant individual who offered up this apologetic: “The very concept of God is so utterly unique that the existence of the very concept is ontological evidence for its reality.” http://www.brianzahnd.com/index.php?app=blog&p=197&phc=remember&spoon=0#comments-addnew


(This whole blog is just full of lulz. I suggest you check it out. His extremely Zionist views will probably be another topic I’ll cover later on.)

I’m just…my mind is blown by the fact that this yahoo is actually the leader of a mega-church with over 4,000 active members. This isn’t just some dumb whacko on the fringes. He has his own TV show. He writes and publishes books. People actually listen to what comes out of this man’s mouth.

It’s terrfying. And anytime someone tells people not to think for themselves, not to question, to just be guided by their feelings….I just want to punch them in the face. I really do.



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